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He's a self-proclaimed "angry man" but it's not always ire that fuels his enthusiastic episodes (verbal or otherwise) and though it takes getting to know him to really parse the layers to label all the emotions involved people will find that anger, though there, plays a secondary role in his outbursts; it's actually worry and uncertainty or unease that's the main player(s). However, it's really situation dependent because there are times when it is truly all anger at the fore but when that happens an observant person will note that is when Danny is at his most controlled and, oddly enough, quiet. His friends have gotten good at reading him and know when he's truly upset and when he's just blowing off steam. Everyone else just labels him a hot-head and steers clear.

The one thing that no one can deny - unless they're Rachel's bloodsucking lawyer(s) - is that Danny is an absolutely devoted father. There is nothing he wouldn't do for his daughter, Grace Williams, and no one he will not go through in order to protect her. She is his Sun and Moon, his reason to keep going, to getting up in the mornings and who he thinks most about before he goes to sleep at night. Grace, his sweet little Monkey, is his world. He lights up at the mention of her, gushes when he talks about her, and practically melts when she turns that gorgeous little smile on him. Yes. Yes, absolutely, he is a sucker for his baby girl and he is not ashamed of the goof he turns into when she's around/when he talks about her. And he will absolutely fuck your world up mess someone's face up if they say or do anything that hurts her. So don't. Do not.

Danny's also very family oriented. He grew up in a large family - he has several sisters and a younger brother, plus numerous aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, etc - and learned responsibility early. He will drop everything - everything - when someone in his family is in need and will do his absolute best to aid them until either the conflict/situation is resolved or he's turned away. This has included lying to the FBI and letting his brother (Matt Williams) flee the country when he forced Danny to chose between saying goodbye or shooting him as well as taking in his nephew (Eric Williams) at the behest of his sister who was at her wits' end. This extends, also, to his adoptive family (his Ohana) in Hawai'i that includes his team and their loved ones (Malia Waincroft, mostly), various HPD officers (Meka before he was murdered, Duke Lukela, etc) and their loved ones (specifically Meka's wife, Amy, and their son, Ben), technicians (Charlie Fong), and medical personnel (Max Bergman), as well as several other that help Five-O or Danny specifically (Kamekona and his cousin Flippa fit this category).

A few other descriptors that could be tagged onto Danny Williams:
  • Loyal
  • Kind
  • Sweet
  • Goofy
  • Determined
  • Fallible
  • Stubborn
  • Reluctant but not completely unwilling (to try new things/change)

  • Interacting with Children - Due to the fact that he is both a father and comes from a large family, Danny is usually sympathetic towards kids and is quite skilled in dealing with them or with other parents.
  • Interrogation/Questioning Suspects - Danny is a good at his job and has a more than proficient way with interrogating suspects/witnesses and is able ferret out information from them as well as any other trained individual with only few exceptions. 
  • Diplomacy - Danny is a skilled negotiator, capable of talking to people and getting the desired effect by just using his words as well as conveying his trustworthiness in his actions.
  • Good with dogs - Danny owned dogs growing up and before he moved to Hawai'i. It's assumed he knew how to train them and might possibly have Academy K-9 training.
  • Defensive/Offensive Driving - Has been trained in both during his time at the Police Academy and has honed his skills over the breadth of his career.
  • Multilingual - (P) = Proficient |  (F)  = Fluent |  (W) = Working Knowledge |  [C]  = Canon |  [HC] = Headcanon
    • Spanish (F)
    • Russian (P)**
    • Italian (P) **
      •  **This is mostly speculation and personal headcanon due to Danny's involvement with the 'mafia' back in New Jersey.
    • Hebrew/Yiddish (W) - religious/familial context
      • It is widely accepted headcanon that Danny Williams is at least half-jewish (Jewish-Catholic/Protestant) and possible half-Italian because of several of his mannerisms, speech patterns, and phrases he uses in the show.
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