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Character's Full Name: Daniel "Danny" Williams
Character's Canon: Hawaii Five-O (2010)
Character's Canon Point: Season 3, a few days after the end of 3.13
Link to Permissions: here

Character's background (their past and present):
Born and raised in New Jersey to a loving couple (Clara and Edward "Eddie" Williams), Danny didn't want for much growing up. His parents worked hard, loved fiercely and taught their children the value of not only family but doing the right thing. They also relied heavily on their eldest children to help maintain the household and keep an eye on their younger siblings, something of which Danny took to immediately. It caused him a bit of grief and introduced him to the type of stress that rooted into the bones and ached for the rest of one's life but he didn't mind it because he loved his family.

Apart from a brief period in his mid-teens, Danny's always been a standup person with a good head on his shoulders and solid sense of morality. It, and the fact that he wanted to help people like his father, is what lead him to pursing a career in law enforcement after his brief, but illuminating and highly satisfying, stint in college. He applied to the academy the first cycle after graduation and was enrolled before the year was out. With his excellent marks and several recommendations from his instructors, Danny was offered a position with Newark PD where he flourished as a police officer.

He met his (now ex) wife Rachel while he had still been working patrol and within the first year of dating they married and moved into a small, but comfortable, two-bedroom in just outside the Heights which was conveniently located up a ways from the police department he worked out of. It wasn't long before Danny decided to apply then sit for Detective's exam; his insight and experience as a patrolman, walking a beat for several years and getting to know the neighborhood, did him well and he passed with flying colors, earning his gold shield. It wasn't more than a few months to a year later that Rachel became pregnant. Unfortunately the day Danny found out that they were having a little girl he and his (then) partner, Grace Tidwell, were captured by drug deals; he lost his partner to a gut shot while one of the Twin Towers fell.

Fast forward ten years later: He's divorced and living in Hawaii which he had to move to because his ex-wife remarried and her new husband moved her and Grace, their daughter (namesake of his late partner) to the island of O'ahu which is over five thousand miles away from everything and everyone Danny knows and loves, he got dragooned by an insane Navy Seal, his current partner by the name of Steven J. McGarrett, who stole his father's case right out of Danny's hands, to be on a task-force set up by a then unknown corrupt Governor (Jameson), found a family, got shot at, nearly blown up, was a part to several crimes that left him queasy but were the right thing to do, killed a few people, solved a lot of crimes, and maybe got comfortable in what he once called a pineapple infested hellhole.

I mean there's worse things, right?

He found a home, has a job he loves and makes his daughter proud of him, and, with any luck, now that he's fighting, and fighting hard, Rachel for joint custody, he might just get to keep them all.

Character's personality:
At his core, Danny likes to think that he is a pretty straightforward individual. He doesn't subscribe to whim, doesn't care for flights of fancy outside of encouraging and indulging his daughter's imagination, and has no patience for bullshit. And in a perfect world those around him would think and act in a way that directly reflected or complimented this same attitude and there would be no misunderstandings or hurt feelings, and everything would make sense. Alas, however, this is not a perfect world in which he lives and that makes both his head hurt and his job (as a cop) that much harder.

He's a very perceptive person, picking up nuances or details others might miss, which has been honed due to his training at the police academy and serves him well in his job where he ferrets out clues and puts them together, not unlike a puzzle, to solve the crimes he and his team investigate. That's not to say that he picks up every nuance of a scene or finds every single clue that ties together a case because, hey, he's human and he's been known to miss a thing or two, but he's tenacious when it comes to his cases and puts 110% effort into them every single time - he tries to be smart about it though because exhaustion does no one any good even if he has, on occasion, fallen asleep at his desk.

Danny is a very passionate man who feels deeply and wears his heart on his sleeve despite how often that particular organ takes a hit. He doesn't believe in hiding his emotions and will freely display his grief, his amusement, his happiness, and even his anger; he's very open with people he trusts and always willing to give someone a chance to prove themselves to him but he is cautious, more so after the betrayal from a previous partner back in Newark (NJ) and his divorce (from his ex now Rachel Edwards). It's the anger, however, that seems to stand out more than most to everyone, even his teammates who often joke about it.

Character's skills/abilities/powers: ([found here] but have been reworded and/or elaborated on)

  • Observational Skills - Danny has always been an observant individual but has been trained to focus and detail in greater degree due to his time in both the Police Academy as well as his time spent on the job (walking the beat then moving to detective status).
  • Firearms Training - Danny has been trained in a number of police issue fire arms including several high caliber/high fire power weapons usually found in the care of specialized task forces (such as SWAT) as well as several explosive devices. With his Boss and partner being a highly trained and skilled Navy SEAL it is assumed he has learned to operate and maintain several non-civilian class firearms.
  • Strong Swimmer - If the situation requires it, Danny is a capable swimmer, he prefers not to due to past trauma.
  • Hand to Hand Combat - Though Danny seems to prefer not engaging in hand-to-hand combat, he has demonstrated that he can defend himself while in the field. (There is no canon source but Danny's actor is highly skilled in jin jutsu; brown belt)
On the job inventory, approx:

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Prose Sample [(full thread found here)]

In Danny's opinion his partner was like a particularly tenacious puppy: cute to the point of being obnoxious and so dumb that you felt bad for having to bop its nose when they've done something wrong. Thankfully there was no newspaper nearby to roll up because Steve was an absolute menace and Danny knew that if he didn't nip some of his partner's crazier impulses in the bud early then disaster would strike.

Danny turned his head to the side and looked lazily over the crowd, watching the press and flow, noticing the state of ease and excitement that seemed to emanate from just about everyone. He was having a hard time ignoring that, especially when it was being projected so fiercely from the idiot across the hood from him.

"Do you see me standing outside of the car? I'm in. I'm probably going to regret it like I do many things when it comes to following your dopey plans, but I'm in." Danny flicked an aggrieved look towards Steve then continued, "What I find relaxing is sitting on the couch watching the game with a beer in my hand and maybe some refreshments. Wading through a milling crowd of a couple hundred tourists, not so much."

Danny pushed away from the car, hands sliding into his slack's pockets as he considered his options which, granted, weren't many. Short of calling Kono to come pick him up, something he was loathe to do because that would entail more ribbing than he was willing to take right now, he was stuck either sitting in the car or doing something regrettable to get his keys back. The former led to snickering, the latter led to sore muscles and possibly a broke nose.

He followed Steve.

"Fine, whatever. Let's go be rent-a-cops for half an hour, but only half an hour, McGarrett. You and I both know that if it's any longer than that then Kono's going to convince Chin to track our phones and the harassment will be endless."


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