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Ever since he landed on this island it's been non-stop aggravation, humiliation, trepidation, and a lot more 'tions' than you could shake a stick at. But, oddly enough, it's home now

All interactions outside of specific verses will be considered canon and will mostly adhere to canon conventions. [S1-S5]

Some say there's a very fine line between cop and criminal. Danny's never believed that. You're either someone that upholds the law or you're a scumbag.
The lines got a little blurred and his marriage might've fallen apart because of it but he's still a good cop, just one without his wife and little girl by his side even if they're still in the same city.
The gang's all here but instead of Hawaiian sunshine and surf there's smog and the Jersey Shore.

For all that Steve McGarrett put several rounds into Danny's murder suspect and the case being official closed, Danny's left with the paperwork, an insurance hike, and a partner that laughs at him every morning he's got to come pick him up. But, hey, Meka's good people and probably the only friend Danny's got on this God forsaken island so he takes the ribbing with good humor and does his job.

Danny's not part of 5-0 but he occasionally consults with them if their cases happen to line up or they need an inside man, as it were, at HPD and Duke can't get them what they need. Surprisingly, there's still bullets flying at his head, car chases, and crazy natives making his life difficult.

Stranger Than
"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy" - Hamlet 1.5.167-8

Ain't that the truth.
Regular people, those who haven't been touched, tend to ignore the Otherside up until the point the Otherside decides to take a big ol' chunk out of them. Danny's still a cop but he's got more in the way of protection than his field issue Glock provides. (details upon request)

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