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Detective Daniel Williams

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Name:Daniel "Danny" Williams
Birthdate:Aug 23, 1977
Location:Hawaii, United States of America

Detective Sergeant Daniel Williams

Danny was born and raised in New Jersey and would have happily stayed there the rest of his life if not for the fact that his ex-wife remarried and decided that it was a perfectly reasonable decision to pack up their daughter and move to Hawaii when her new husband's job relocated him to Honolulu. Well he wasn't about to lose his little girl or let his ex keep him from being part of Gracie's life because fuck that. He was a proud papa and there wasn't anyone, anything, or any distance that was going to keep him away from his daughter. So put in for a transfer to Honolulu PD, sold what he couldn't carry in three suitcases and a carry-on, and moved five thousand miles from the only place he'd ever called home.

Six months in hell - his tenure, at the time, at HPD - and Danny was been handed a case that didn't so much change his life as forcibly rip his career and his sanity to shreds and piece back the former only barely because, lookie here folks, the governor of Hawaii decided to make a hilariously incongruous task force spearheaded by a Navy SEAL who wouldn't know police procedure if it decided to whack him and dance on his corpse who then proceeded to highjacked Danny's case, one that he should have never been allowed near because, HEY, he was the victim's son, transferred Danny out of HPD and onto H50. McGarrett tacked on a disgraced ex-cop and a rookie not even off her training wheels yet to round them out that was just icing. worked.

Don't ask Danny how because logic does not apply to H50. There is no reasonable explanation for it and while he's given up trying to figure it out he's going to do his damnedest to keep it working because he's hooked now. He might go bald by the time he hits fifty and more than likely end up in some loony bin not long after that but, honestly and god forbid, Hawaii was home now and the chuckleheads he called his team were family. This was his life now and he'd fight tooth and nail to keep it.

Credits & Disclaimer
I am not nor am I claiming to be Scott Caan. I make no claims of association with Scott Caan who plays the fictional character Danny Williams or with CBS who distributes the show Hawaii 5-0. This journal is for RP purposes only. Mun and Muse are both 18+.
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